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  • 产品名称: DQY tractor
  • 产品编号: DQY tractor
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DQY tractor



DQY tractor, indispensable equipment in aerated concreate industry, is used for turning traction and traction of curing room mold. After the slurry is poured onto the mold, the tractor directly feeds molds on the shuttle vehicle into the curing room for curing, and solves the problem that the mold shuttle vehicle is traditionally pushed into the curing room by manpower. The tractor has the advantages of strong traction power, stable operation, labor saving, time saving and reducing labor intensity.


Motor power: 4KW

Input speed: 1,440r/min

Output speed: 24r/min

Traction speed: 22m/min

Traction force: 3T