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  • 产品名称: CHXtube bundle extracting machine special for heat exchanger
  • 产品编号: CHXtube bundle extracting machin
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CHXtube bundle extracting machine special for heat exchanger:


As the equipment special for overhauling heat exchanger in refining industry, CHX tube bundle extracting machine is powered by motor and cycloidal pin gear speed reducer and is transimitted by trapezoid lead screw. It has the characteristics of balanced tension and tube bundle extracting, labor saving, time saving, high safety and reliability, no damage on core. With vaerious specifications based on diameters of heat exchangers, it is the right arm of maintenance workers in refining industry.


Motor power: 15KW

Explosion-proof grade: B3d

Input speed: 960r/min

Output speed: 33r/min

Maximum tube bundle extracting diameter:

Lead: 6m

Load bearing:12T