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Submersible pumps "cavitation" causes and prevention

Date:2016-06-17 11:18:11

1. Reasons submersible pump cavitation in the pump inlet, the vacuum created by the formation of the high water absorption, and high-speed impeller place and there tends to low pressure, thus providing conditions for the evaporation of water. When the pressure is reduced to the vapor pressure of the water temperature, a large amount of water vapor bubbles due to vaporization formed with unboiled water flows into the impeller inside the high-pressure area, the bubble under high pressure in a very short period of time rupture and re-condensed into water, bubble bubble burst around quickly to the center of focus and have a great impact. This impact force acts on the wall of the pump, is formed on the pump cavitation.

2, submersible pumps pump cavitation hazard wall under the impact force repeated the role, initially pitting, and then into a honeycomb. Serious will hit the wall space in the short term. While cavitation occurs, usually accompanied by bubble burst crackling roar and vibration. Because some are not broken out of the bubble with the water pump, causing the pump flow rate decreases. Lift, reduced efficiency, or even interrupted water supply.

3, pump cavitation prevention

(1) to correctly determine the height of the water pump, in order to ensure that the pressure at the impeller inlet is not lower than the vapor pressure.

(2) minimizing suction line losses in the head. Because the greater the loss, the pressure at the inlet of the pump also reduce the more easy to vaporize the water. So to try to shorten the length of the suction pipe, reduce the attachment of the pipeline, pipe wall should be smooth and appropriate to increase suction pipe diameter and the like.

(3) pan into the fire pump installation. If the water is too high and cause cavitation, the pump can be installed underground or below ground, near the water at the water surface.

(4) the use of the jet pressure increase imports.

(5) try to keep the pump running at rated conditions. If the pump is lower than the rated head to or greater than the rated speed operation, the flow through the pump necessarily greater than the rated flow rate, flow velocity at the impeller inlet is bound to improve, there will be further reduced pressure. Therefore, the pump is not at liberty to reduce lift and increase speed.

(6) the design and manufacture of pump impeller inlet reasonable shape and size; inducer can be set at the pump inlet, or the use of anti-cavitation material submersible pumps and other accessories Pumps materials.

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