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Common faults and solutions of sewage pump

Date:2016-06-17 11:16:56

Sewage pumps installed in common use fault more or less made a brief summary, along with solutions for reference.

Fault 1, sewage pump does not turn when you start

Cause: packing too tight or between the impeller and the pump was clogging debris stuck; shaft, bearings, leakage ring rust live; severely bent shaft.

Remedy: relax filler, and clear the flume: disassemble the pump to clear debris or rust; correction bent pump shaft axis or renewal.

Fault 2, start the pump no water

Cause: pump air into the water or gas accumulation; bottom valve closed lax irrigation dissatisfaction, vacuum packing serious leak; shoot the door or gate valve closed lax. Remedy: Clear the debris, replace the damaged rubber pad to change the direction of the valve; compress or replacement of the filler, closed valve or flap valve; increase the irrigation amount until the vent plugs at not fizzy; replacement water pipe crack; reduce lift the pump nozzle pressed into 0.5 meters underwater.

Fault 3, traffic from big to small

Cause: strainer or bell gradually clogged; dynamic water level lowered, submerged into the water depth is not enough.

Remedy: Clear debris, increasing the bottom valve into the water depth.

Fault 4, inadequate flow

Cause: The actual pump head exceeding the allowable head; not supporting or belt slip speed, low speed; axial flow blade mounting angle is too small; suction lift too high; bottom valves, piping and impeller local blockage or impeller defect; outlet pipe leaking serious.

Remedy: reduce lift and restore the rated speed, remove the belt dirt and adjusted the belt tightness; adjusted blade angle, reduce pump installation location; Tighten the gland seal water pump leaks, compression packing or replace the packing; clear the blockage, replacing the impeller; replace leaking ring, plug leaks.

5 fault, interrupt the operation of the water

No water or intermittent off water, less water.

① motor does not start, remove circuit fault;

② pipe plug, remove blockage;

③ pipeline rupture, welding or exchange praise;

④ water treatment network congestion, clear the blockage;

⑤ suction mouth out of the water pump if decentralization is still valid, it is recommended to change the pump;

⑥ pump reverse swap power line phase sequence;

⑦ casing seal ring, impeller damaged, replace with new parts.

Failure 6, the motor can not start with buzz

① If a phase circuit, repair line;

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