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The vacuum equipment industry of China should keep comprehensive and balanced development

Date:2016-06-17 11:15:40

Our vacuum equipment industry for nearly two years of development with little success, mainly with the irrational industrial structure, production factors weaken, energy consumption, technology innovation and management related to weak. Only those elements of comprehensive development in order to enhance common industrial base, vacuum equipment manufacturing industry has a good development trend.

Our vacuum equipment industry with the rapid development of national economy, trade expansion, growth of over 30%, far higher than the world's other developing economies of scale. Currently vacuum enterprise mostly owned wholly or manner of expanded markets, the development of various forms of ownership in private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises more active, enliven the atmosphere of competition, to achieve a steady rise in total profits. But the majority of our enterprises are still walking in the expansion, development road expansion capital, international companies have settled in the stage, vacuum manufacturers have a strong impact.

Compared with foreign advanced large vacuum pumps and equipment manufacturers, China's enterprises with small scale industries scattered, weak common technical weaknesses, as market competition intensifies, these companies are forced to improve the mode of operation, the development model, performed the whole industrial structure coordination, improved. Here we make a few suggestions: First, enhance research and development capabilities, to avoid the drawbacks of the mechanism of the emergence of the first step in the current dilemmas. Enterprises should focus on the basic elements has been strengthened in terms of capability, and manufacturing methods, technology and other means, when the product is not yet certain advantages, intensify research and development, wait for the market is mature, competitive advantage, build a virtuous cycle of development model. Second, create a modern enterprise management system, casting their own development team, as a post-force development. Again, look for the direction of their products, gain new momentum in the market segments. Finally, inter-industry should strengthen exchanges and cooperation, on the basis of consensus, a powerful industry standard practice, promote the industry consolidation rigorous capacity problems, reducing the development burden.

Development of the industry should focus on multi-factor, multi-level solutions, the emphasis should not be a single trust. Impetus to the development of enterprises that market environment, lower cost of technological innovation, is that we can be rational, thinking vision of development to consider how to maintain a stable and balanced development, to create a new, market-oriented development of adaptation mechanisms.

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